Model WTS-L10 Series
Machine Type Wafer to Tape Sorter (Linear System)
(by die size)
0.3mm – 2mm     = 10,000 UPH
2mm    – 6mm     =   9,000 UPH
6mm    – 12.5mm =   8,000 UPH
+/- 25um at 3 sigma
+/- 1 degree theta
Die Size 0.3mm to 12.5mm
Wafer Input Automated wafer loading
25 slots, for wafer up to Ø 300mm
Vision Inspection Wafer Inspection and Die During Placement Inspection (DDP)
– Bump size, shape, array
– Edge chip
– Ink dot
– Place position X, Y, ØPre-Place & Post-Place Inspection
– Edge chip
– Laser mark
– Pin 1
– Position in-pocket

Tilted Die Inspection
– Die flat in pocket

After Seal Inspection
– Die flat in pocket
– Cover tape position

Tape Width 8mm to 24mm
Reel Dimension Input        : 22″
Output      : 7″ & 13″
Cover Tape: 220mm (OD)
Network Ethernet or SECS
Footprint 1980mm x 1720mm x 2150mm
Facilities Air     : 6 to 7 bars
Power: 220-240VAC, 1 PHASE 1.0KVA, 50-60Hz
Optional Flip or Non-Flip Die
JEDEC Tray Indexer
Waffle Pack Indexer

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