mp10Non-counterweight test head manipulator MP-10
Ideal for large test heads up to 1000 kg


– Ideal for large test heads up to 1000 kg (2205 lbs)
– Convenient operation and service
– Three axes fully motorized
– Easy access to prober in service position
– Non-counterweight design to significantly reduce floor load
– Maximum protection of cables
– Patented field-proven cable management
– Twin energy chains perfectly support cable bundles
– Easy and safe cable routing through split column
– Extraordinary safety
– Interlock-system to prevent motion of test head when interface (HIFIX) is unsecured
– Double safety power transmissions
– Unmatched precision and repeatability of motions
– Strictly linear motions
– Open belt-driven twist center bearing for harmonic twist motion

Test Configuations:

– Advantest T5383