mp918PROBER DEDICATED test head manipulator MP 918

Your first and best choice for docking a test head to wafer probers such as Accretech’s UF3000.


– Load capacity 250 kg (552 lbs)
– Minimized footprint
– Excellent ease of use

Test Configuations:

– Test system:
Advantest T33xx, T533x, T5571, T5581, T6571 Agilent 83000 512pin Chroma 3500, 3510, 3600, 3650 Eagle ETS-364, ETS-564

– Wafer prober:
Accretech UF200, UF300, UF3000 TEL P8, P8XL, P12XLn EG 4080, 4090ì, 5/300