TWIN System

twinsystemTWIN System

Minimizes the overall test cell size, precise and convenient positioning.


– Minimizes the overall test cell size
– TWIN Systems in line share the test head service position between two probers, saving up to 40% valuable test floor space
– TWIN Systems allow future capacity expansion within the same facility
– Universal usage
– No need for modification if existing wafer prober has to be replaced by a different model
– Exceptionally safe to operate
– Electrical and mechanical load sensors in each axis
– Dual-button control
– Full backup operation without power
– Extremely precise and convenient positioning
– Computer controlled motions to individually defined positions
– Perpendicular docking motion
– Patented cable management system

Test Configuations:
– Accretech UF200, UF300, UF300A, UF3000 Advantest T5375, T5377 TEL P8, P8XL, P12, P12XL, P12XLn